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Our fraternity and its roots

Founded in 1913, AEPi now exists in Austria, Canada, England, France, Israel, Scotland, and the USA. Our basic purpose is not specifically religious, but rather social and cultural in nature. We help brothers cultivate their character, learn responsibility, and develop a proper set of values through engaging with each other as a brotherhood.

Our brothers are active on campus, leading every Jewish and Israel-focused organization and shaping Lehigh culture through the Gryphon Society, The Brown and White, Student Senate, the Association of Student Alumni (ASA), Global Citizenship, Varsity Track & Field, and more.

  • AEPi Globally - Over 170 fraternities in 7 countries. View aepi.org
  • Strong in numbers - Over 9,000 undergraduates and 98,000 alumni
  • Lehigh's AEPi - Over 250 active alumni providing jobs and resources

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Join Lehigh's AEPi

Your decision to attend Lehigh University was one of the most significant choices you ever had to make. The next four or more years of your life will play a large part in your lifetime success. Join the Jewish fraternity for a strong brotherhood and social life, coupled with an emphasis on intellectual prowess.


"Most fraternities are just a bunch of guys that are amicable to one another for four years. AEPi is a commitment for a lifetime. I can count on being great friends with these men for the rest of my life."

Career Building

"Come May, I was struggling for a summer Internship. After reviewing our alumni database, I contacted four alums, only to be offered two jobs by the end of the week!"

A Lifetime Journey

"Because of AEPi, I am graduating Lehigh U as a man who has gained Brothers for a lifetime and has learned skills that will one day ensure myself to be a better father, husband, and overall human being."

Jewish Growth

"It's amazing how, after just a few short months in AEPi, I was able to truly lean on my brothers in a time of need. I feel an immense connection to them, and to Judaism."

Where we work

We strongy value our alumni

We recognize and appreciate that having a strong, active alumni base is a principal goal for the chapter. With nearly 300 alumni, we have several avenues by which alumni can stay involved. We are thrilled to have such active alumni, involved in Lehigh's Asa Packer Society, Tower Society, Jewish Student Advisory Council, and more.

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We're here to help. Whether you're interested in attending a Lehigh AEPi event, an alumnus, or just want to say hello, please connect with us!